Tanked Quality Wheel Spacers FREE UK Mainland delivery.

About Us


Why use Wheel Spacers

Improve handling and stability, due to a wider track Solve fitment issues such as clearing bigger break callipers that may have been fitted or maybe those new wheels you bought were not quite the right offset and foul on the track rod ends.
Styling, you want your wheels and tyres to sit flush with your wing / wheel arches, for that powerful looking stance.

You want to get TANKED !!

100% handmade soap bar


Quality & Value

With 30 years in the automotive industry the founder has realized what customers are looking for:

  • Quality but with value
  • A clear idea of what you’re buying with the confidence that it’s going to fit.
  • A product that does the job without any hassle.
  • That we have the stock, and get it to the customer quickly.
  • If something does go wrong, we hold our hands up and sort out the issue fairly.  

Frequently Asked Questions